My Interio brings you one of the best home design adventures in the world. With My Interio, you get it all from world-class layout to installation, quality checks, warranties to maintenance. The handling and service fee is a global norm for the services industry and allows us to deliver a plethora of professional services.

To give you a superlative experience, the service and handling fee is billed in a flat rate of 8% of your closing bill value. The required charge is applicable on all My Interio requests and is duly added to your bill, as we enjoy our policy of no hidden fees, ever.

The fee covers a multitude of expenses arising through your job and includes, but is not Limited to, the following:

Secure packaging

All My Interio products are made with love and we take all care to transfer it with the identical love. This requires secure packaging with supplies like custom boxes, bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, foam picture and more, which implies shipping. What is more? We will even send helpers to do the.

Professional Site manager

Imagine if you had never to visit your home. You can unwind as we do all of the running around. On-site daily your dedicated site supervisor manages your project. He/she takes care of everything from quality checks to compliances and clearances.

Site preservation and upkeep

My Interio requires all steps to make certain that no harm is rendered during any installation solutions to your home from covering change boards, walls, flooring to any furnishings. So, don’t worry about scratches or borders–your house is preserved and maintained with care.

Labor management

All workers on site are handled by My Interio, which takes into account planning, procuring, labor law and safety compliances, discipline and grievance management, etc.. We rescue you so that, in the long run, you get a beautiful house!

Deep cleaning

At My Interio, the mess we make cleans! Following the installation is complete every nook and corner of your home is deep cleaned. You get a beautiful, spick and span home that you can move into straight away.

Post-sales care

Facing an issue? Our customer service is email or a call away. Our grievance redressal team makes certain that your problem is resolved at the first. In keeping with the terms and conditions you can avail our care for many products covered under the My Interio quality promise.