Flooring & Tiling

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There are so many factors to consider when designing a space that often the flooring is left till last, instead of rather being part of the initial thought process right from inception of concept drawings and sketches. Flooring is one of the most important elements in any building and influences so many factors that will ultimately have an impact on whether the space was a success or not. Many beautiful spaces exist yet they don’t function as they should, simply because the flooring finish is wrong or completely impractical. It is important to realize that although our first interaction with a space is a visual one, the first physical contact a person will have with the space will be the flooring. The finish that is underfoot will immediately have an impact on our psyche even if it is subconscious. The way we interact with an interior also plays a hug part on the floor.

The floor is that part of the building on which the occupants move and materials are stored. The floor covering or flooring provides a smooth, clean, impervious, durable, colourful, hard and attractive surface. It is the cover which has to offer resistance to wear and tear due to human movement and movement of furniture etc. Flooring consists of wood, natural stones, tiles, etc.

In order to cover this critical aspects of the interior design My Interio has an associate partners from where you can buy Tiles, Wooden floors, Natural Stones etc. and also has a team of highly skilled people for Installation.

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